Specialists in

Child & Teen Development

Empowering and inspiring kids and teens

Specialists in

Child & Teen Development

Empowering and inspiring kids and teens

Real Solutions – Real Skills

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Self confidence is one of the most vital skills for everyone to develop.
Without confidence in ourselves we often miss out on the happiness and success we deserve. Confidence is built not inherited and we will help your child build theirs.

Common Problems

Solving or supporting these issues can be vital to your child’s health & happiness.
Defiance / Rebellion
Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Time management


Academic success is a vital part of building our future, for some it can be a real struggle and for others the stress is achieving 90%, either way we can help your child improve their results and manage their workload.


What makes you different can be your greatest strength or your greatest weakness, it just depends how much you learn about yourself and how to function in your life.

We specialise in helping your child tackle this challenge.

Identity Development

Developing core values, morals and forming our character which will drive future behaviour and choices moulds not only our life but also who we become.

Stress Factors

Learning to deal with stressors is an essential life skill.
Social Pressure
Loss / Grief

Innovative Solutions for Growth

Fast actionable techniques for lasting change.

Life Coaching

Support your child or teen to find solutions to their problems and skills to fuel their success with one on one coaching, Angus’ expertise can help them succeed.

Adventure Retreats

Escape the constant pressure of school, social media and technology for a life changing wilderness adventure. Gain new perspectives, self awareness and confidence.

Online Courses

For immediate budget and busy schedule friendly solutions online courses provide focused content designed to help your child or teen develop life skills and solve their problems.


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